Will you understand me?

Realistically, you’re not here to read about my life, any of my personal views or even my life story’s but for some astounding reason you’re still reading, so you must be interested!

To be honest there’s nothing particularly interesting about my life, however, I believe that someones life can be so very boring but it’s how they present it to you, making you imagine the moment through your own eyes, instead of theirs. Now, i’m not saying that I am an incredible writer or that i’m going to absolutely captivate you with my words, I might hold your imagination hostage but we’ll have to see how impressive my descriptive writing is.

You may be pondering, What’s the point in me writing this? well as my first post I wanted to show, whoever is reading this, the type/style of writing I will be doing. So, this is pretty much showcasing what is expected to be appearing on this page. Now, as for the type of subjects I will be writing about they will range from embarrassing, personal struggles, and experiences. In addition, writing is my escape an so the subjects can differ from day to day, but will always be as alluring as possibly.

I look forward to writing more and I hope some of you beautiful readers stick round for awhile.

Dais x

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